Venum Boxing Timer

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An effective round timer is a vital every day tool for combat sports training.Designed to meet a simple need, to optimize the management and flow of training sessions, the Venum Round Timer will be an asset for your workouts.The round timer can provide meticulously adjustable training session management. Providing you the ability to control the duration of each round, as well as how many rounds, and dividing rounds into cycles while managing different rest times, easily programmable before each session.Practical and multi-functional, the Venum Round Timer is easy to use and will take you only a few minutes to fully adopt it into your training. It will enable you to organize your sessions efficiently, and fully commit yourself to training without having to keep an eye on the clock.A large screen and red LED display, indicating elapsed time and total remaining cycles. The timer includes easily adjustable audible signals.Perfect for indoor use, the Venum Round Timer will allow you to manage individual workouts as well as group sessions.