Revgear Demon Thai Shorts

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The Revgear Legends range is on the cutting edge with the modern style of Thai short, while remaining firmly rooted in tradition, honoring the culture that brought the world the most beautifully brutal style of standup fighting.

The wide waistband is the traditional width to make sure that your shorts never slip and hold tight whether you fold your shorts over or not. The slim fit removes the baggy feel of old school shorts while keeping a wide leg for unrestricted kicks, teeps, and knees. Made of Polyester satin, the shorts have a lightweight feel while retaining the shiny look that the top fighters have sought out for decades. High quality sublimation and embroidery completes the look which brings the classic style into the 21st century.

Authentic Muay Thai embroidery
Wide leg for unrestricted movement
Traditional elastic shirred waistband for secure fit
100% lightweight polyester satin
The Yaksa is demonic in appearance, but his role is to protect the temples in Thailand. Be like the giant that embodies strength and power, while staying humble.